Fearmongering BornAndTorn
This is the story of something that should not exist. This is the story, of something that ceased to exist. This is the story of something that exists without any purpose. This is not a story about heroes. It is the journey of a hypocrite finding a purpose, in a world devoid of any meaning for him. ----------------------------------------------- This story is my first work and is currently...
DarylA Building a Kingdom in Another World
Lloyd Reese, a 16-year-old die fighting of his heart disease, because of how good a man he is, God gave him a second chance with three wishes that can be granted.
Xephyre Sorcha Knight in the City
Sorcha, a knight in her past life, reincarnated into a modern world. Being the daughter of soldiers, she wanted to follow her parent's footsteps. Follow her as she become a soldier who follows the knight's code- protect the weak and defenseless, live by honour and for glory! Will she also be able to reunite with the man she promised with marriage? Hello everyone! If you like...
步千帆 Super Soldier King
Description He is the ruler of the mercenary realm, an overlord that gives headaches to the leaders of any country! For the sake of his friends, he’s willing to sacrifice himself; for the sake of his family, he does not hesitate to spill blood! He is a dragon, one that soars above even the highest of heavens. He’s a power that advances triumphantly through unstable situations, stirring up both the winds and the waters. Associated Names Cauji Bing Wang Overlord of Mercenaries SSK 超级兵王
Follow The Crowd The Grandmaster Strategist
This is an alternate history. Decades after the fall of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the world is still in chaos, although there is hope for reunification.Of poor background, Jiang Zhe, styled Suiyun, has finally, after ten years of hard work, passed the imperial examinations and become a scholar within Hanlin Academy. Unwittingly, he becomes involved in the succession dispute of the Great Yong Dynasty. He faces conspiracies and machinations and countless battles of strength and wits. Intending to a