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w-x-e > Born Again as Harry Potter's Twin > 3 Ten years later

Ugh six o'clock already Aunt Petunia will be in here in twenty minutes to make sure we are up for Dudley's birthday. "Harry get up we gotta go start breakfast for aunt Petunia. You don't want to get locked in the closet with no food again do you?"

"Ugh... Why do we have to wake up so early?"

"It is Dudley's birthday of course. So naturally we have to be miserable. Now get up before you drag me with you to the punishment closet."

Making sure he got up and started throwing some clothes on I head out towards the kitchen. Every year on Dudley's birthday we have to count the presents as we lay them out for him, start the breakfast, and start planning the birthday boys cake. That is a normal birthday for Dudley since we were seven. Me and Harry are lucky if we get a hanger for our birthday.

"Hurry up boys. Dudley will be in here at any moment."

"Yes aunt Petunia." It's amazing how well we say that one line in sync. ten years of practicing makes perfect after all. I point Harry towards the presents so he can count and sort while I start making coffee for aunt Petunia to drink.

"Aunt Petunia is there a mistake?"

"What is it dear."

"There is thirty-six presents at the table that's one less then you got Dudley last year and unless we fib to him he will be mad."

"There are quite a few bigger then he got last year so just put down thirty-seven. You know as well as I that he will ask Vernon instead of us." That still freaks me out aunt Petunia took a liking to Harry as a child since he was the quite but helpful type. Me I became uncle Vernon's personal handyman I guess I would be a favorite. Hard to tell he just yells come here boy and fix this. However I noticed we get punished a lot less then in the book I read from my past life.

Setting a coffee in front of both aunt Petunia and Harry I go make mine as I start on the food. Weird how calm they were when I started drinking coffee at six. Gotta say I missed it the few years I went without it. The phone started ringing around this time and of course Harry gets up to get it. "Dursley residence. How may I help you?"

"Is this Harry or Jackson?"

"It's Harry Ms. Figg."

"Alright Harry dear please inform your aunt and uncle I can't watch you and Jackson today. I broke my arm tending to my cats here recently and still need time to recuperate from it."

"I will tell aunt Petunia right away. Get well soon Ms. Figg." After hanging the phone up Harry walks towards aunt Petunia and sits next to her. "Aunt Petunia Ms. Figg says she is unable to watch me and Jack today. She seems to have broke her arm tending to her cats."

"Oh dear Vernon won't be happy about that. Jackson how soon till breakfast is ready?"

"Just finished aunt Petunia. Harry come set the table for everyone while I place the food on the table."

"Alright I will go get your uncle and cousin. Don't forget Vernon's coffee Jackson."

"Yes aunt Petunia." Watching her walk off I look at

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