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BOOM..... The last thing I heard before losing consciousness.

At thirty-seven I had died due to a coworkers carelessness in our lab. He had been warned countless times not to leave a burner on when he leaves for even a moment could cause a accident. Alas I had been called in today to help. His momentary lapse of memory caused my death.

"Oh dear! Your soul still had time left in that world. Oh well! No use crying over spilled milk right.As for this accident I will gift you an eidetic memory in the next life. I will also allow you to choose which world you would prefer to be born to as well as pick your parents. Do you have any questions dear?"

While this strange lady is talking I see her pull a few orbs towards her each expands and shows a fictional world in it. I say fictional cause one is the game of thrones world another was Harry Potter and yet another showed something far worse then either of those it was Twilight's world. What healthy male would want to belong to a world of glittery vampires. Just thinking about it makes me shiver uncontrollably.

"Uhm... Aren't these world's supposedly fictional. Plus if I was born into any of them wouldn't the storyline change by a huge margin?"

"Yes it would change quite a bit for example you could save Ned Stark in Kings Landing, or make Bella and Edward hate each other in Forks, Or maybe you could help Harry Potter defeat the dark lord. Anymore questions dear?"

"No more questions and I have decided. I want to be Harry Potter's younger twin brother, but I want to share his fate and take on the scar as well."

Hmmm..... That will be a difficult feat since avada kedvra only targets one person unless the caster was to change the spell itself. Interesting I see this story getting better already. So as you wish be warned though you will have to work hard for your own future."

Boom. And again with the explosion. I am starting to think my life is cursed to be full of explosions. Maybe my soul attracts them to me?

Suddenly I feel a strange liquid flowing around me and feel another mass under my head. Looking around I realize me and Harry must be in the womb still. Before I can settle in to the new environment I feel the liquid start to drain. Harry also starts moving down putting his head first. I see him enter a tunnel that looks way too small for us to fit through. Following Harry I decide now is a perfect time to meet my new parents.

I was right that tunnel nearly squeezed me to death. Doesn't help when as soon as your free from that they smack your bum. It's no wonder why babies cry at birth that really hurt. Looking around I see a man holding my older brother smiling as he reaches his other arm forward to embrace me as well.

"Look Lily they both have your eyes. Harry's are identical to yours, but little Jackson here has a darker green almost as if they were gems brought to life."

"Let me see and stop hogging my babies." After James placed in our new mothers arms me and Harry both smile. Who wouldn't after all our mother is the gorgeous Lilly Potter. Just one look and I knew my future wife had to be a fiery redhead like her only then would I be satisfied with my life. Rubbing my eyes I curse the fact that I am so small as I can't help but fall asleep in her arms wondering why must all good people die young.

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