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I looked from the corner of my eyes at the man who Luke had claimed to be as his father and my husband who was now looking outside the window into the endless space.

It had been two minutes since the revelation while I sat there dumbstruck.

So lets start from the scratch. Luke's father was Lucifer that meant Satan's son was Luke who was married to me. So...I looked back at Lucifer who was looking at me. Was this event not recorded in the books? I heard Luke sigh and turn towards me when his father spoke.

"You have questions to ask me, ask away," he said enthusiastically. I opened my mouth but closed it trying to frame right sentences.

"Are Luke and Canrart your only sons or do you have more than two?" I started with my first question to him.

"Lucian is my only son while Canrart is Albert Knight's son," he explained and my mind went to Heather, Luke's mom immediately, "It would have been a lot easier to answer your questions if I could read your mind but my son seems to have blocked your mind which is preventing me from reading it anymore," he said with a hint of exasperation looking at Luke.

Hearing this Luke grinned and got up from his seat, "I'll take a walk to the cellar and be back in few minutes," he said walking towards the door. Alarm rang in my head when I saw him leave. I didn't trust the guy sitting in front of me one bit. Gahh! Don't leave me alone here! Looking at my face Luke said, "You'll be fine Lillian, I trust him enough not to kill you himself," wait what does that mean?!

Once Luke left the room, none of us spoke and the only sound that filled the silence was the crackling of the fire next to us.

"What about Heather?" I asked him after some fleeting seconds.

"How I met her?" I nodded and saw him lean back in his chair, "Heather was an attractive and smart woman, still is. It was an instant attraction when I saw her, there have been plenty of women I have been with but she was different. It was like any day me strolling down the town when I met her. We spent a night and the following month she was married to Albert Knight."

"You didn't stop their marriage?" I asked surprised.

"Why would I?" he tilted his head looking at me, "Just because I have slept with countless women doesn't mean I'm going to marry every one of them and take them as my wife. Given I'm very picky, I had no intention of marrying her and she was well aware of it too but not knowing who I actually was. With the haze of lust at that moment, I didn't realize I planted my seed in her. She had told the vampire king about her one-night affair with me the day before they took their vows and he accepted her without any second thought, raising the boy as his own and giving him his name."

"When did you get to know about Luke's existence?"

"After seven years he was born. It was a funny story when I found out you know, like ha ha funny not haha. Mr. Reaper had to retrieve a soul but he said he tried everything but nothin

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