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"Elvis had called this morning to tell about your mother's condition. Her body is reacting well to the treatment being given now and they are conducting other tests as well," Elise informed me and I felt relieved. I wished I could be there but dad had told I was safer in the vampire kingdom, with Luke. She then continued, "Elvis was angry on Canrart and Luke."

"Why?" I asked her furrowing my brows.

"Canrart hadn't gone to check his wounds and well Luke because he slapped one of his workers," she sighed and my eyes went wide. Luke did that? "Apparently, one woman made a move on him and he ended up slapping her. His temper is something you need to be aware of. There are many who have titled him as Lucifer," she warned me.

Now that I think about it, I remembered the time after going out of my room. Two women's standing there in the corridor while one of them was crying, having fingerprints on her cheek. I gulped hearing it. I didn't handle angry people well, they were scary. After taking a tour around the mansion, I headed to my room to find Luke already there sitting on the bed.

"How was the tour?" he asked me as his green eyes watched me walk inside the room.

"It was good. I saw your name written on the wall," I said smiling and took a seat on the bed. I expected him to frown but instead, he smiled at it.

"I know. I was there when Julie told you about it. You should laugh more, Lillian," he said bringing up his hand to place it on my cheek.

I was taken back with his gesture and blinked at him before clearing my throat. He looked at me and a slow grin appeared. I looked at him cautiously wondering what he was grinning at. Before I could ask what happened his phone rang.

"Is it done?" Luke asked someone through the phone, "I know...isn't that why it was given to you?...no there's more to it...yes I thought the same..." he went on talking which I didn't understand.

He got up to walk towards a window and I watched him as he spoke, his strong voice filling up the entire room. Facing towards me he sat at the edge with his back towards the glass. Though he was speaking on the phone, his eyes were on me. When his eyes left mine I felt my back relax. A straight nose and strong cheekbones on his face. I had to admit he had beautiful eyes. He was tall and fit with the good amount of muscles but not like a bodybuilder. He had left three buttons at the top of his maroon shirt unbuttoned.

His lips that were set in a thin line for something said on the other end of the phone had suddenly turned to a Cheshire like a smile. That's when I realized he had caught me looking at him.

"Don't bother me, darling. Carry on," he said before I turned my face to look at the cupboard to save myself from any further embarrassment, "Not you, you idiot..." I heard him say.

Once he was done talking he put his phone back in his pocket. He walked to the table, picking up a file and handing it to me.

"What's this?" I asked as my e

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