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Averting her eyes from the man she turned to speak to Gwen, "Why is to so crowdy today?" she asked as the person in front of the moved so that they could order their food.

"I wonder," Gwen replied before smiling at the woman who was ready to take their order.

Receiving their food, they took the tray along with them while searching for spare seats. Lilly couldn't resist but to turn her head in the direction of the man her eyes had met but he wasn't there anymore.

"We should have asked for extra sauce," hearing Gwen's remark on her beloved ketchup, Lilly couldn't help but smile. Her friend loved ketchup and if given the chance she wouldn't mind eating ketchup all day.

After finding seats, they finished what they had ordered for. Gwen was sucking the little plastic ketchup dry while Lilly looked at her hand, wishing she was at home so that she could lick the remnants tastes from her fingers. Doing what her parents taught her, she pulled out the tissue from the table and wiped her hand.

Her friend was yet to take a parcel home for her cousin due to which Lilly decided to wait for her at the bus stand until Gwen returned back. As she sat on the empty bench, she pulled out her phone and started playing subway surfer. Just as she was about to cross her old score she heard a gruff voice comment at her,

"Hello, babe. What are you doing sitting here all alone? Wanna go on a ride?"

Looking up to see who it was, she found a man sitting on an expensive bike. He has a mohawk styled hair and tattoo-covered on his neck which was also adorned with gold chains. She wanted to give him a piece of advice on his fashion style but decided not to do it when he looked her up and down. Ignoring him, she looked down on her phone to sense the man get down from his bike to walk towards her.

Feeling unsafe, she thought about going back to the McDonald's where Gwen would still be there. Getting up quickly, she started to walk there to hear footsteps closely following her. As if it weren't enough, she heard another bike. She slipped her hand in her bag to grab the pepper spray from it.

When one of the bikes stopped in front of her to block her from going further, she pulled out the spray and pressed the nozzle to smell the lavender fragrance. Shit! She had grabbed her perfume and not the pepper spray!

Lilly stepped behind but the man on the bike which was in front of her grabbed her hand and she did what she could do best by hitting the bottle over the man's head. Hearing the man yelp in pain, she began running in another direction so that the first guy in the bike wouldn't catch her. Before she could take more steps away she heard people getting beaten up and her footsteps came to a halt.

Turning her head she saw someone beating the crap out of those two men. Lilly came to realize that it was the same person whom she had seen at the Mc Donald's with the deep forest green eyes. In less than half a minute both the men were on the gr

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