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As we traveled I kept glancing every few minutes at Marc who was sleeping soundly now in the backseat of the car. The wound on his arm was nowhere to be healing as infected skin turned greenish brown in color.

"You need to get some rest. You didn't get enough sleep last night," Luke said looking at me as he drove.

"I'm worried about him," I said softly before taking my eyes away from my friend, "How much longer until we reach the kingdom?" I asked him.

"Less than an hour," he replied. We were going to the witch-kingdom where Elvis was because he was the only one whom I knew could cure Marc's spreading infection and stop him from transforming, "I hope you know what you're doing Lillian. By elongating his existence your only going to cause him more pain," he said.

"Sometimes hope is the only thing you can rely upon," I said with a weak smile and saw him smile a little at my words.

As the sky filled with light colors we finally reached our destination. When we got inside my parents were surprised to see Marc with us but when I explained the situation, their face paled. Luke had called Canrart here the previous night to talk about the crossbreeds. Canrart was trying to figure how the crossbreeds crossed over to the human dimension while Elvis sat there quietly analyzing my friend from his seat. Once we were done talking, Elvis took Marc with him to the examination room.

It had been almost two hours now since the time we reached the Presaxil kingdom and Marc was kept under the witch kings observation. I was now standing alone outside one of the balconies of the huge mansion. A bird flew to the nearest branch and settled there chirping contently. I looked at it for few seconds before moving my eyes ahead of me at the vast green forest.

"Lilly," I heard someone call me and I turned to see Canrart coming to stand next to me, "What are you doing here? Picking the corner most open space of this mansion," he asked me tilting his head with a smile and I shook my head.

"It's nice and quiet here," I replied to which he nodded. It was peaceful here, yet so unsettling in my heart.

"That it is. Can you tell the trees that adorn the forest are millions of years old with spirit energy," he said looking at the forest, having a far look as he spoke about it.

"What do you mean by spirit energy?" I asked him curiously.

"Though we find it bullshit but the people here worship it like Gods, calling them spirit Gods," Canrart explained, "They say when the supernatural creatures die, their remains are buried there and the leftover energy is fed by the trees."

"That's like a creepy graveyard," I commented wearily to which he chuckled.

"Actually worst than a creepy graveyard. You know when-" he was saying when dad arrived looking for us.

"Lilly honey, Elvis is asking for your presence in his study and Canrart," he said looking at the vampire with a pointed look, "You were supposed to get your arm checked and prepare fo

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