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Luke's POV:

Taking a seat, I crossed my legs lazily. I already knew the answer but I wanted to hear it from his very mouth.

"Working for someone," he replied shortly making me grin wide. Victor raised an eyebrow in question to my change of mood.

"And who might that be, kind Sir?" I asked him and saw him gulp not opening his mouth to answer, "Speak up, I don't have all day to entertain you. I'm a busy man," I said glancing at the wall clock.

"I was told by the lady who goes by the name Savannah who belongs to the Dragon kingd-"

"Wasn't she the one linked to Canrart?" Charlie asked cocking his head to a side.

"Well, that explains most of it," I said getting up.

Savannah was a high sorceress who once dated Canrart but it lasted less than two months. Like most of the conning people she came off as a sweet, attractive woman who cared for the people around her but she couldn't hold on to the image she had posed to be.

Her intentions were quite obvious. She wanted the crown and I couldn't have that. I played the game she had started and kicked her out of the kingdom like a useless pawn.

"Whose Savannah?" Victor questioned looking at Charlie.

"Unwanted pests," I muttered glancing at my watch. Wonder if Lillian has regained consciousness, I thought to myself. I couldn't wait to go back home with her, I grinned thinking about it.

"What are we going to do with them?" Charlie asked no one in particular.

"Execution is a good idea," I said rubbing my chin playfully and saw the physician's eyes widen in panic.

"You gave your word to lower my punishment," the man said frantically.

"That's too much of work," Victor replied ignoring the man's words with a frown.

"I guess," I said thoughtfully. Gathering women and men for the execution to take place is going to take time. Turning towards the man I spoke, "Should have thought it through before trying to piss me off by lying."

As I walked out of the door I heard the man spasm, his breathing was getting shallower with every passing tick of the time. In no time he would internally start bleeding, so much that even a vampire would take time to catch up with the damage caused to one's body.

Coming to a halt, I looked at the man reflecting from the glass case that was on the wall. Dark eyes peering back at me.

"It has been long since I last you," I said placing my right hand next to the glass case.

A strange voice of gibberish words was uttered which were heard and understood only by me. It had become part of me, the dark entity that had stuck along with me for years. An entity that would go with the influence of my mind.

Killing a fellow dragon-like Ace wasn't easy as dragons were strong creatures. People thought it to be a gift or witchcraft at times when I could kill without touching anyone. No one knew about its existence and I preferred to keep it that way.

"Good to know your still there," I muttered hearing someone's footsteps behi

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