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The passage opened to a wide rock made room that held swords adoring the walls but that wasn't the surprising thing here. There was a pile of bodies lying at one corner of the room, I covered my nose feeling the rotting blood stench assault my nose.

Going near the bodies I saw they were all having long nails, "Crossbreeds?" he asked looking at them and I nodded.

"This must be the physician's work. The secret passage which isn't used. Making sure I turned to crossbreed. He's experimenting without anyone's knowledge. It all fits in," I heard him say as he looked around the room.

It did. I didn't even want to know what he would do with Marc if Emma didn't go missing today and if we weren't planning to leave. The king obviously wasn't aware of having experiments going on right under his nose. And using an unused passage in the palace with his own guards was very convenient.

We didn't realize we had company until I heard that eerie whispering again, this time much clearer. My head whipped behind to see crossbreeds standing at the entrance but these were different. There was only half flesh here and there in the body while others bared the skeleton system of it.

"Don't they resemble mummy's?" Marc asked me in a whisper as he stood next to me. There were four of them, four against two.

"More like your far relatives," I answered looking at the creatures. Hopefully Luke would understand the meaning of the blank message I sent him.

The set of teeth they had looked like human teeth, therefore, they must be humans. Nothing to worry about, I thought but once the thought crossed my mind their teeth grew long and their nails. Oh dear God.

I remembered the gun I had and pulled it out aiming it towards the creatures. Pulling the trigger, the bullet went right through its body and not affecting it. I picked a big wooden log knowing the gun wasn't going to work right now. Once they had grown their teeth and nails long enough to scare us they came forward going for the kill and I swung the log of wood when one of its head came near me.

Marc was having his own fun by getting chased by other two of them. He had transformed in the process his eyes gold in color again while his teeth grew. His facial texture changed to a wolf-like. The fourth one went to smell the corpses that were lying on the ground. The one I hit didn't get up and I wondered if it was out for the time being. The one that was smelling the corpses rose up angry and bared its teeth at me. I dodged as it tried to get hold of me, its nail colliding with the nearest wooden table leaving long angry scratch marks on it.

With difficulty I knocked it down, huffing for air. Marc was fighting with the last one that was standing its ground but with all that was happening neither did Marc nor I noticed the extra company we had in the room. It was not until Marc finished fighting and turned towards me with wide eyes.

"Lilly behind you!!" he screamed but it was already t

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