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"Nuke, are you really planned to visit that Island? I already told you it's a terrifying place."

The Island chief was startled by listening to Nuke's request and tried to persuade him.

"It's OK chief. I am strong enough to visit that place and only when I face that beasts, my strength will grow." Nuke said.

"I am also going with Nuke." Luna who was next to him also raised her voice. This two years she trained with Nuke for the sake of helping everyone see the outside world.

"No Way" The Island chief flatly rejected his daughter's request.

"Luna, it's very dangerous there. Nuke won't be able to protect himself, how can he protect you."

"He doesn't have to protect me, I can protect myself; I am strong." Snorted Luna.

The Island Chief tried to persuade Luna but she didn't change her decision at all. Ultimately, Nuke assured the Island Chief, that he will try his best to protect her and won't let anything happen to Luna.

Next Morning,

Both Nuke and Luna took a small boat and set off towards the Terror Island which was some distance from their island.

Within one hour they reached the proximity of the Terror island, even from some distance from the Island, they could feel a numerous terrifying murderous aura capable of inducing fear into any being. Nearby Luna tightly gripped the Nuke hands.


A loud roar reverberated across the entire Island, sending shiver upon anyone hearing it.

They soon reached the seashore of the island; After binding the boat to a nearby rock, both Nuke and Luna began to carefully tread towards the trees covered Island.

This Island completely looked different than their Island. There are many mountains, unnamed trees, chilly air combined with fresh air gave one an uncomfortable feeling.

Both Luna and Nuke suddenly felt a Horrifying beast is gazing at them from a distance but soon the feeling disappeared. Maybe for that beast, Luna and Nuke are simply two ants among the countless ants.

"Nuke, did you also felt that presence?" Luna asked in a shivering voice. That feeling simply shocked her to the core.

"Yes. But don't worry, that kind of strong creature won't attack unless it's provoked." Nuke reassured Luna. He could feel that beast is different like it's a king among the other beasts; so they won't attack others who are beneath them.

Both Nuke and Luna carefully walked towards the inner region of the forest. Unlike Cage Island, Terror Island is completely different; They are bigger... at least 30 times bigger than the cage island.

The whole Island is enshrouded by mist and unknown trees filled the forest. Nuke was only able to see 10 meters ahead of him.

After traveling for 10minutes, they noticed a wolf-like animal but it was different than the wolf they heard in stories.

This wolf is big, approximately 5 meters in size with shining sharp teeth and claws. Its full body is covered with gray furs and little white furs in the head region.

It looked powerful and majestic, Nuke wasn't able to gauge its strength. So they can only test the wolf's strength with battle.

The Gray wolf already noticed the two strangers in its territory. The wolf's eyes are vigilantly glaring Nuke and Luna, if they take another step it will pounce on them and bite their throat.

The only reason it hasn't attacked till now is, it grasped a strong danger from Nuke.

"Wait here. I will go and test its strength." Nuke told Luna and sprinted towards the wolf.

Now Nuke's strength is equal to someone with 100million bounty; Even with such strength, he could feel a danger from the wolf; like the wolf felt towards Nuke.

Soon, both Nuke and the wolf engaged in the real fight. Nuke attacks and wolf attacks are very fast and precise towards their target but both of them was easily able to evade it.

Nuke began to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the fight, he could feel the fur of the wolf is tough which provided a stron

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