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ng defensive property to the wolf.

Moreover, it's claw attacks and biting strength is terrifying. Just now Nuke used 50 percent of his strength, even so, he felt no confidence in defeating the wolf.

Just a random beast near the outer region of the forest is strong enough. Then what about the beast in the core region, just thinking about it gave nuke a sense of crisis.

'Strength, I need powerful strength to defeat these beasts!!' Nuke thought.

With the help of 'Attribute Panel', Nuke increased his strength to maximum by keeping other attributes to the minimum.

Now his strength is at least two times stronger than before,

Name: Nuke Gray

Age: 12

Strength: 170(90)

Agility: 10(70)

Mind: 10(30)

Constitution: 9-(Star Body: 90)

Ability: Origin Star Body Technique. [Stage 1: Initial]

He gained the 'Star Body' Physique thanks to the Origin Star technique and his physique strength is also constantly increasing day by day.

Once again both Nuke and wolf clashed, but this time the Wolf was sent flying with just a normal punch.

One could see a lot of blood is pouring out of the wolf's mouth and its legs are shaking; Even so, the wolf once again madly charged at Nuke hoping to kill him in a single strike.

The wolf is agile and ferocious, this is the first time Nuke is fighting a real life and death battle. Thankfully, he is stronger than the wolf, otherwise, he would have surely died.

Nuke used his shadow steps to dodge the attack and countered it with a powerful punch. This time wolf wasn't able to rise up again, it was lying flatly on the ground.


Before Nuke could rejoice his victory, a loud roar came from afar. He was sure, the other beasts will come to this location, due to blood and sound of battle.

So Nuke quickly took a knife and hurriedly extracted some of the wolf's meat. As soon as he got some meat, he quickly changed his Agility attribute to a maximum and set off from the location by carrying Luna.

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