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Next Day, Early Morning.

One could see two figures, running along the seashore with heavy breathing and body full of sweat. This is the first day of training for both Nuke and Luna, so just running for around half an hour took all their energy.

"Nuke, I can't go on anymore. I will rest for some time and practice other training methods." Luna complained and stopped in her tracks.

"Luna, If you aren't even able to do a little running then how are you going to free the people of this Island? I thought you are very determined when you said that yesterday but looks like I am wrong. Bye..." Nuke harshly mocked luna and once again started running.

As soon as Luna heard Nuke's words, a stubborn look appeared on her face. She once again began to run and followed Nuke with much difficulty.

Nuke is not much better than Luna, it's just his willpower is stronger and his desire to possess strength is higher.

After one hour of sweat filled running, both of them took a rest for fifteen minutes and started to train in the various method, as mentioned in the Training Manual.

The Training Manual doesn't entirely concentrate on training the muscles, it concentrates on both hardness and softness.

The training focuses on some flexibility methods and some muscle training methods, this will keep their body in shape and muscle-less.

There are even some training methods mentioned similar to yoga, which will provide them a fresh feeling.

Days passed one by one, both Nuke and Luna trained with all their hearts. Running, Weight lifting, swimming in the seas, practicing under the water...etc.

Nuke's Origin Star technique granted him a great help, Every time his muscles become fatigued, his star energy will re-energize and strengthen his body.

He could feel his body become strong day by day. But Luna is unlucky, even if she tried her hardest she wasn't able to keep up with Nuke who has Origin Star technique.

Nuke wanted to share his Origin Star technique to Luna, but he wasn't able to. It's like this technique only for him and no others can practice.

Whenever Luna is fatigued, Nuke will help her with some massage in the painful region to relieve the soreness and fatigue.

Due to their heavy training, their intake of food also began to increase. The main source of food for the people of Cage Island is fish, vegetables, fruits, and grains.

But these foods are not able to give sufficient nourishment for Nuke and Luna's body. Fortunately, they were able to hunt some large fish, animals and some weak sea monsters, due to their increase in strength.

Luna also became strong within a few days, she now has a strength equal to that of three humans.


Two Years Passed in the blink of an eye,

One could see two figures clashing on, their speed is very fast not visible to the naked eye to see. One could only see two shadows emerging and disappearing.

After fifteen minutes, both the figures came to halt; They are Nuke and Luna. Both of them now looked 5 feet tall, brimming with energy and strength.

"Nuke, Why can't I defeat you? I also trained with you for the past two years but why are you stronger than me?" Luna cutely whined. She now resembled a figure of a girl, cute and attractive.

Even though she is only twelve years old, her body developed well due to the training. She has an attractive body with good curves.

No one will tell she is only twelve years old, she looked more like a 15-year-old girl. She now has a terrifying strength, if compared to the outside world she will have at least 50 million bounties and strength equal to that of newly appointed marine captain.

Moreover, both Nuke and Luna learned the Fist technique, shadow steps, and a flighting technique.

As far Nuke, he also developed into a handsome boy, with a perfect body. A panel appeared in his Mind:

Name: Nuke Gray

Age: 12

Strength: 90

Agility: 70

Mind: 30

Constitution: 9

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