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Next day, Nuke woke up with a severe headache. 'Alcohol in this world is very strong.'

Nearby, Luna was also in similar condition even though she drank less.

"You two are not good at alcohol, is this your first time drinking a wine?" A gentle sound came from behind Nuke.

He saw Makino entering the bar with some items, Nuke was embarrassed because apart from him and Luna, everyone left the bar, leaving behind both of them to sleep in the bar.

'Yes", Nuke answered Makino.

"This is my first time seeing you guys here, What bring's you to our village?" Makino curiously asked.

"Haha, who doesn't know about Foosha village... Many famous peoples originated from this place. Like Fire Fist Ace, Monkey.D. Luffy, and famous 'Hero of the Marines', Garp."

"So, I came here in the hope of seeing what kind of village it is, to produce such powerful figures..." Nuke spoke in a carefree manner.

Makino smiled and said: "Even though many people say Luffy and Ace are outlaws, pirates; they are very good and kind in their heart."

"Wake up your friend, I have to clean this place and open the bar", Makino said.

"Yes... Thank you for your care and time." Nuke said and woke Luna up.

Soon they said goodbye to Makino and left the place. Lyn was training in the outskirts of Foosha village as instructed by Nuke but he was just in the beginning stage of growing strong.


Luna was still in her sleeping state, as she didn't even talk with Nuke and Lyn for some time. Nuke helplessly shook his head.

"Since we now know that the various powers of this world are mainly in the 'Grand line' and 'New World'; Our stage is also there."

"From here it will take around five days to reach Loguetown, once we stock up our supplies, we can cross the reverse mountain to reach the Grand Line."

"Luna, if we encounter any problems on the sea...It's your responsibility to assure our safety." Nuke explained his plan.

The trio soon reached the Goa kingdom port, where they docked their boat. Just as they were going to leave the Island, Nuke saw a familiar figure near their boat.

That figure is a large, dark-skinned man with a bulky build; Nuke immediately recognized that person. He is Shuzo, a member of Neo marine.

'What is Neo Marines doing here? They are supposed to be in the new world...Yes, There is two-year time skip remains till they execute their plan.'

As Nuke was lost in thought, half sleeping Luna and Lyn walked towards the ship but their path was obstructed by a large build man, Shuzo.

"Move aside, you are blocking my path." Luna irritatingly said to Shuzo who was blocking her path.

"Oh... Little girl sorry for blocking your path." Shuzo noticed he is blocking the path of the little boat so he didn't mind Luna's harsh words.

"You are traveling by boat, are you guys pirates?" Shuzo asked in a kind manner but one could see a cold light passing through his eyes.

Nuke came out of his thoughts and w

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