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Kizaru attacked Nuke with a powerful lightning fast Kick but it easily blocked by Nuke even though he was forced back a few steps.

"Come Kizaru, Show your true ability, If not, you won't be able to catch them." Nuke spoke and from him, a terrifying conqueror's haki broke out.

"It really became Annoying ne, you even possess 'Haki of Kings'" Kizaru said.

"It looks like I really have to use my trump card to deal with you," Kizaru spoke and his body began to emit bright light and he suddenly disappeared.

Even Nuke couldn't sense him with his Observational Haki, suddenly a voice came from his back, "I am here, you know?"

With the voice, a powerful kick came to his chest in lightning speed; Nuke who wasn't able to sense the kick got hit.

The Kick was powerful since it achieved extreme speed, combined with the power it dealt heavy damage to Nuke.

Nuke got crashed into the nearby building and coughed a mouthful of blood. That kick was powerful, but what surprised Nuke is light energy which invaded his body.

Thankfully, the destructive energy in his body destroyed the energy. Nuke came out from the rubles and Spoke: "Haha, Kizaru you lazy fellow... You have already awakened your devil fruit."

"It will become really troublesome If others know about my powers. So you two have to die here." Kizaru lazily spoke.

"Haha, Even if you have awakened your devil fruit, you don't possess the strength to kill me." Nuke spoke.

"Ooh...Really?" Kizaru exclaimed and suddenly teleported before Nuke in a speed not visible to the eyes.

Nuke was sent flying away once again, but this time Nuke coated his full body with Haki. He knows he won't be able to do anything to Kizaru who awakened his devil fruit.

"You are Scary ne, you were able to stand up even after getting attacked by my lights..." Kizaru spoke but one could see a real surprise in Kizaru after he saw Nuke once again stood up from the place.

"Are you talking about the light energy which invaded my body?" Nuke teasingly asked.

"Ooh..." Kizaru was surprised by Nuke's words and then his body suddenly became very bright, like a Sun and covered a large area.

"Luna, Run." Nuke said and retreated to a far away distance but he wasn't able to escape since the attack particularly targeted him.

'Eternal Light'

Nuke saw the attacks which he couldn't block, so he covered his body entirely with Star energy and Haki. The attacks were similar to 'String of Jewels' but they are very small...small enough to be considered as Micro level.

The Attack covered the entire region, anything in its way was destroyed completely. Even Nuke's destructive energy wasn't able to block all the attacks in Microlevel.

After a few seconds, everything settled and Nuke came out from a cloud of dust which filled the entire land. Everything in the area was completely dissolved to dust.

Nuke's entire body is filled with blood, one could see the shaking legs of Nuke as he wasn't even able to stand properly; Blood was continuously leaking from every pore of his body.

But inside his body, it's entirely different, his heart was thumping fast while every cell in his body bounced like someone gave adrenaline to them.

Then every single cell in his body began to emit star energy which further condensed and formed into a New star mark.

Meanwhile, the star energy combined with his Regeneration skill healed all his wounds visible to the naked eye.

"Hahaha, Kizaru you are really a surprising one ain't you?" Nuke spoke, while numerous light particles transformed and formed a Kizaru figure.

"You are really a scary ne" Kizaru spoke but this time it's really filled with astonishment.

Nuke changed his attribute, increased his observational haki and agility while decreasing his strength attribute and Armament haki.

"You showed your trump card, Watch mine!" Nuke teleported before Kizaru and attacked while coating his hand with Star energy.


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