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After finishing their food, Nuke and his mates left the restaurant. Luna wants to do shopping while Nuke and others want to explore the Island.

"Reed, you stay with Lyn." Nuke said and left with Luna. This Island is filled with pirates, so there is a high possibility that a fight may break out, so he has to ensure the safety of his crew.

There were many shops in the city, where one can buy anything they want. Clothes, weapons, treasure maps... there was even auction which is going to take place.

The people in the Island explained the auction house is operated by some powerful organization. Every underworld organizations are powerful and they will have a variety of treasures in their storehouse.

Nuke is not interested in the Auction since only devil fruits may tempt him. Of course in Grand Line obtaining devil fruit is a miracle; Only in New World, many devils appear.

But he was forcibly grabbed by Luna as she was interested in the Auction since this is her first time hearing it.

The Auction House is large, filled with many peoples. Few peoples wore a hood, hat and others came with normal appearance.

Nuke and Luna entered the Auction House after paying a few Belly when Nuke and Luna entered many peoples noticed them.

"Are they?" A Man spoke in a silent voice.

"Yes, they are the terrifying Origin Star Pirates who got a bounty of 200 Million. What are they doing here?"

"Shh, do you want to kill us? Don't speak loud."

The Auction started by selling antiquity objects, weapons, etc. Luna soon lost the interest so they left the auction house and began to roam the Bone Island.

At the end of the day, they brought a Den Den mushi for the ship. Nuke suddenly saw a figure, a future supernova and one of the worst generation pirate, Scratchmen Apoo.

He was currently strolling the busy street with few of his subordinates.

"He should be a good candidate for a missing musician in our crew." Nuke spoke.

"Who?" Luna asked while Nuke pointed his finger at Appo. "He is a funny and strong man, with him our ship will become lively and no one would be bored."

"Then I will go and bring him"

"No, I already told you right, It's a captain's duty to invite a new member to the crew." Nuke spoke.

"Hmph...You and your pirate games." Luna snorted. Then both Nuke and Luna walked towards the Scrathcmen Apoo.

In the later one piece episodes, Apoo was seen working for Kaido so it won't be difficult to make him join his crew. Before absolute strength, he will surely like to join, like he joined Kaido.

"Oh..."Apoo also noticed the two figures walking towards him from the distance.

Apoo is from the Longarm Tribe of Grand Line, one of his distinguishing traits is his incredibly long arms.

He immediately noticed the two figures are the recent headline of the newspaper. A man and woman of Origin Star pirates with 200 and 180 Million bounties respectively.

"Scratchmen Apoo also known as 'Roar of t

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