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A strong Haki erupted from Z, which is stronger and mighty than before.

'Shit! I didn't think he is not fighting at full strength.' Nuke thought.

Z coated his arm with his Haki which is at full strength, he punched at Nuke chest. Nuke who was in weaker condition couldn't even block his attack and got blown away.


Nuke coughed up a large amount of blood and clutched his chest in pain. He once again stood up but his eyes got blurry, while his body looked weak and soft like he will fall anytime soon.

"Nuke!" Luna appeared and supported him from falling down.

"You take rest, It's my turn to face him," Luna, gently said.

"Only when I fall down, you can act." Nuke broke away from Luna's support and stood face to face against Z as confident as ever.

This time he increased his Attribute to Speed and Armament Haki, planning to launch a final blow to Z since he knows his body is at his limit.

Suddenly, his body began to act weird. Every cell in his body began to excitedly bounce, a terrifying force came from every single cell and circulated throughout his body, muscles, and bones.


An unbelievable force broke out and destroyed everything near Nuke, he looked like a demon who woke up from its slumber. Even Luna was blown away and landed far away from Nuke.

'What strong energy!' Z was also astonished by the sudden turn of events.

Nuke could feel his body is overflowing with full of energy but it's also is showing signs of destroying him. Nuke didn't care, he knows even if he wants to, he can't do anything over what's happening.

'I should go all out with a Bang!'

Z also prepared himself to face the demon before him, he could sense the destructive energy flooding inside Nuke which is capable of destroying everything.

'Full Body Armor!' Z coated his full body with Haki from this one could guess the level of power Nuke emitting.


Like a ghost, he appeared before Z and attacked him a punch.


Even though Z blocked the punch, he was blown far away and coughed blood. 'What a Shocking Speed!'

"Z sensei" Ain worriedly called out.

A barrage attack began to fall on Z, even though his body is fully covered in Haki a series of injuries appeared in Z. As it was like the force around Nuke was able to penetrate his Haki.

Z flickered with terrifying speed and attacked Nuke, as the later was once again sent flying. Nuke stood up and attacked again like he was in a maddened state.

He really was in Mad state, even though a powerful force is overflowing in him, his injuries are only worsening little by little his conscious is also fading.

Right now, his body is only fighting with instincts which he got from numerous battles.

"Nuke!" Luna worriedly looked with tear filled eyes.

"Captian!" Both Lyn and Reed also worriedly called and prayed in their mind nothing should happen.

'It seems like he's unconscious but his body is responding with natural tendency. He should have fought a fair amount of battle to develop this.' Z mused.

Z suddenly stopped his attacks and distanced himself from Nuke since he understands only when he attack nuke, he will respond.

As he thought, Nuke stood still and after ten seconds with a 'Thud' sound, his body dropped to the ground. Even Nuke doesn't know when he lost his consciousness.

In the distance, Z coughed up another mouthful of blood. 'My internals are in mess!'

"Z sensei are you all right?" Ain appeared next to Z and concernedly asked. This is the first time in her life, she saw a human bringing out such overwhelming energy in such a state.

"Nuke!" Luna, Lyn, and Reed appeared before Nuke, While Luna checked Nuke injuries with tear filled face.

Nuke's body is in a half-dead state, full of injuries, even though his breathing is very weak, he is at least breathing.

"You guys should surrender otherwise we will have no choice but to kill you all." Ain cried, she won

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