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The battle between Nuke and Kizaru continued, and their fight almost destroyed the whole section of Sabaody.

Since Nuke cloaked his whole body with star energy, Kizaru's attack wasn't able to deal much damage to Nuke.

Moreover, Kizaru is very fast. So, Nuke also wasn't able to injure Kizaru.

"It really grew into a troublesome fight ne" Kizaru spoke and stopped his attacks. He knows if the fight continued, the only thing which will happen is this Island get destroyed.

He also knew he won't be able to kill Nuke alone. So he lazily glared at Nuke and departed from the area.

'What should I say to fleet admiral Sengoku and World Government. It really is surprising such a rookie is this powerful.' Kizaru lazily thought and flew to Marineford

Nuke patted the dust from his clothes and walked towards Luna, surprised by the figure standing next to her- Silvers Rayleigh.

"I didn't expect to meet one of this world's Legend here. If I was in a perfect condition, I would definitely spar with you." Nuke said.

"Haha, you won't gain anything from fighting this old man. You two are very strong for your age, I haven't met anyone in my life who was as strong as you at your age." Rayleigh spoke.

"You are embarrassing us both."

"I think you gained many things in your fight so I won't keep you here. If you want to coat your ship, you can come and look for me at Area 13." Saying this, Rayleigh left, leaving Nuke and Luna alone.

"Ah...I am exhausted." Nuke crumpled to the ground and watched the beautiful blue sky.

"That was a pretty good fight" Luna spoke and sat near Nuke.

"I can advance my Haki to the next level any time I want. I wanted to give a little surprise to Kizaru next time we fight." Nuke said.

Nuke sensed during the fight, the straw hat crew were sent flying away by Kuma like what happened in the One Piece, while Rayleigh was also didn't stop Kuma like he knows what Kuma's doing.


After one hour, Marine Headquarters,

"What did you say?" Sengoku yelled. "You aren't able to annihilate the Straw Hat group because of the Origin Star Pirates intervened."

"Are they as powerful as the Z described?" Sengoku asked.

"They are strong. I don't know about the other one, but their captain, Nuke Gray is very powerful. Since I wasn't able to do anything to him, you should have figured his strength, Sengoku-san" Kizaru lazily spoke.

"If even you aren't able to defeat him, then Sakazuki and Aokiji won't stand any chance." Sengoku rubbed his forehead in frustration.

From their conversation, one could guess Sengoku already know about the Kizaru's powers which no one knows.

"It's already very taxing on thinking how to deal with Whitebeard pirates?... Now, I have to pay extra attention to a pirate who hasn't even seen a New World." Sengoku spoke.

"By the way, Sengoku-san, why did the bounty for Origin Star pirates is very low..." Kizaru asked.

"It's because of the World Government. They don't want to circulate big bounty on some kids and boost pirates morale."

"We will deal with them after the war, Now let's focus on our current enemy otherwise, we all will become history."


After the fight Nuke began to practice and experiment the various uses of third Star Mark; His Haki also advanced to 'Commander' level.

With his current strength, he will able to fight against any opponents under supreme Haki stage. Even if someone reached Yonko level haki, they are not a match for him.

He also figured out, his star energy can be projected out of his body like firing bullet from a gun. But he can't project his star energy on a large scale.

Moreover, now he also enhances his star power when attacking. You can say apart from Yonko's no one is Nuke's match but some old figures like Garph and Sengoku will be able to fight him on an equal stand.

'My rapid growth in haki stopped once it reached 'Commander' level, looks like if I want to further incr

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