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Nuke, Luna, Lyn, and Reed reached the end of the Wood Dimension where they first entered with the ship. There is White mist surrounding till now as they saw before.

"Luna, I will leave it you", Nuke said.

Everyone boarded the ship Reed built, a wind began to rotate and swirl around the ship. Soon a small Tornado appeared fully covering their ship.

A gentle wind came and lifted their ship, and headed towards the White Mist region. Even though the pressure is high, it wasn't able to do anything to the High-speed tornado formed by Luna.

With a little bit of difficulty, they forced their way out of the Wood-filled place and came out. Soon the Blur Sky greeted everyone by showing they came back.

"Yahahaha, I finally got out of that place. I can now roam around this world." Reed jumped in joy.

Using the recently built ship, Nuke and his crew began their voyage to the Next Island. Thankfully, their log pose pointed at a certain direction that means they are not far away from the place they entered.

After a day, they reached the next Island which resembles a backward like Country while the buildings are constructed with white marble stones and clay. The whole Island is filled with mountains and rocks.

The constructed buildings are worn out and many of them are half destroyed, it's like a war took place here before.

What they don't know is, as soon as they reached the Island, a report was sent to Marine headquarters.

Since Marine posses Eternal pose for almost all Islands in Grand Line so without a doubt Shuzo and Ain will be able to arrive here. A confrontation is soon going to take place.

There were no pirates ships, no docks, no ports... It looked like simple Island with no contact to the outside world.

"Our Luck is indeed bad for this past few days, we weren't able to find an Island with peoples. We also don't have fresh waters, foods... yeah, we don't have anything." Nuke spoke in a complained tone.

Their supplies also destroyed along with the ship, when they entered the Wood dimension.

Thankfully, even though this Island is barren one, Nuke sensed some beasts that means water will also be here.

"Nuke, I will go and catch some beasts for dinner." Saying this luna flickered from her place. Reed set up a camp with woods near the seashore area for their rest.

After one hour Luna appeared with three beasts, a large bear, a moose like a creature and fish. She also looked freshened up, certainly, she discovered water source, took a bath and caught a fish there.

Then Nuke, Lyn and Reed also followed Luna's direction and took a bath to freshen up.

When they came back, the three beats were already inside a pot, steaming. From a small age, Luna's the one who took care of the cooking and she is also good at that. Not as good as chefs, but her cooking has its own taste.


Somewhere in the Grand Line,

"Shuzo, we got the coordinates of 'Origin Star' Pirates. Get Ready, We will reach there tomorrow." Ain spoke.

"I am always Ready. I told that brats to not become pirates, what a pity they are going to die..."Shuzo said while shaking his head.

"Don't come to any conclusion. We don't know about their full abilities, so we can't be careless in dealing with them." Ain rebuked.

Shuzo snorted but didn't say anything. When it comes to fighting ability, Shuzo is stronger than Ain but he is not a tactician, as good as Ain.

At that moment, Z came before them and said: "Be careful, Don't underestimate the opponents. If anything unexpected happens, contact me."

"Yes, Z Sensei" Both of them replied and set off in a ship.


Next day Morning,

Nuke woke up from his sleep, entirely freshened up. Yesterday's food was very good, Luna and he devoured two full beasts while Lyn and Reed only ate a little.

Reed doesn't have much of an appetite as his main source of energy is trees and Water. Only when Reed came out of that place, he found out,

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