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"I noticed your Haki is solidified and improving, soon we will be able to reach the next level. Training on that Island really paid us off, but once we reach the Commander level the advantages will be gone."

"After that, we have to improve our haki on our own by constant battling. Like before, suppress your haki don't let it reach the next stage." Nuke said.

"Ok," Luna replied.

"Luna, do you know the Armament Haki can be projected out of our bodies like shock wave when one reaches a higher level." Nuke spoke in earning voice.

"Really?" Luna asked with a surprised expression. To this day, she believed Color of Arms can only act as Armor and increase one's strength.

"Mn, I think we will able to do that once our haki reach a higher stage. The same could be said for observation haki, I wonder when we reach that stage."

"We are Young, we will eventually reach it" Luna confidently said. Nuke smiled.

"Luna, you are doing well in maintaining that form!" Nuke commented after sensing the colorless wind swirling around Luna.

Actually, it's Nuke plan in helping Luna familiarise with her devil fruit power and it can also act as protection for a Sneak attack. Since the wind is always swirling around Luna with considerable speed, no one will come near.

"Of Course" Luna proudly declared. When she first began to do that, it was very difficult but day by day her control in that increased later it become casual and common. It's like an invisible piece of clothing around her body.


'I think we will reach Sabaody Archipelago tomorrow or day after tomorrow.' Nuke thought.

"I should train in my Origin Star technique and master its strength." Nuke pondered.

Nuke formed two-star marks in his body, and just two is able to increase his strength to an unimaginable level.

The use of star energy is to combine his star energy with his physical combat skill, allowing him to increase his physical condition and also for any other defensive or offensive purpose.

His Star Marks absorb and store the Star energy in his body, and he will be able to use it in a fight similar to Haki. Nuke is still experimenting with the power of Destructive energy.

Right now he can destroy or annihilate everything, anything by a simple attack. But his star energy is limited, so he can only use it in a simple way of fighting.

He was also able to manipulate the energy into different shapes like swords. It was very powerful, but also consumes a high amount of energy.

The destructive power will increase once he increases the star marks in his body.


After two days, Nuke and his crew finally saw the final island in Paradise, which is close to the Red Line.

A massive mangrove forest growing out from the middle of the ocean with each tree of the forest looked like an Island.

"Ah... What big Mangrove trees" Apoo exclaimed.

"We are finally here" Nuke said in an excited voice.

"This Island is the one bordering

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