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"Where are you going?" Luna yelled and the lighting in the storm began to strike around Z.

One could see her control over the storm increased but far from the level of perfect control since she wasn't able to accurately attack Z.

Soon, the rocks, even the mountains in the Island began to break and twisted around the storm.

Luna could feel her control over the storm is breaking off so he ordered Lyn and Reed: "Hurry, Board the ship, We should leave this place."

Luna held Nuke, Lyn and Reed boarded the ship. A strong wind formed around the ship, which guided them out of the Storm, soon they traveled far from the Island.

Z also retreated towards the distance where the Ship Shuzo and Ain came from.

"Set Sail!" Z ordered the members on the Ship who was watching the spectacle, wide mouth.

Quickly, their ship sailed and got away from the Storm.

'What a terrifying power, Her devil fruit power is as strong as Whitebeard!' Z thought as he watched the Storm wreaking havoc around it.

Ain also watched everything with a horror-stricken face. At that moment, shuzo who was unconscious till now slowly opened his eyes.

The Storm didn't show any sign of stopping, little by little everything in the Island began to disintegrate. Soon a loud 'Boom' echoed, an unbelievable seen began to take place.

After a booming sound, a loud cracking noise echoed and the Island the fight took place began to shake and slowly began to rise up, rotating around the Storm.

Soon the Whole Island broke away from the Sea and began to swirl around the Storm. Everyone watched the scene with Wide eye and stupified expression.

A whole island flying in the Sky, who won't be surprised.

"What?... What? What's happening?" Shuzo who just woke up screamed by what's happening before him. In his lifetime, he won't forget this.

"Shuzo, you are awake, This is done by that Pirate crew", Ain said.

"What?" Shuzo showed in an unbelieved expression.


"How is Nuke?" Luna asked Reed.

"He is heavily injured, a large part of his internal organs are completely destroyed. Surprisingly, his breathing became better and showing signs of stabilizing by itself." Reed spoke after checking up Nuke's condition.

"Good!" Luna said. She knows Nuke's Regeneration is abnormal, so she is confident in Nuke's recovery after knowing his breathing is stabilized.

"Sister Luna, are you not able to control your power entirely?" Lyn asked watching the storm she created.

"My control over the devil fruit is increased but I am not strong enough to control it completely," Luna muttered while she gazed at the storm she created.

Both Neo Marines and Nuke's crew traveled far from the Storm but they still could see the Storm which is far away from them.

Thankfully, the storm showed no signs of Moving from the place. Otherwise, no one knows what would happen.


Next day, Marine Headquarters,

"What did you say? Ennies lobby is com

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