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Luna flew and crashed into the nearby mangrove tree, she even coughed a mouthful of blood.

"Luna you already lost your advantage of Devil fruit powers in front of me. You have to think before you act in the battle, you have a great devil fruit power but wasn't able to utilize its true strength."

"What will you do if you fall into the sea or cuffed in Sea stones? You won't be able to use your powers. But you shouldn't give an opportunity for others to get hold of your weakness." Nuke stated.

Luna once again attacked Nuke with a tornado which formed countless wind blades coated with Haki. But the white mist like coating around Nuke destroyed everything which came before him.

"It's not fair... That white mist encompassing you is too powerful." Luna pouted.

Nuke and Luna clashed again and again, but every clash resulted in Luna flying away even though she used her devil fruit.

After 1 hour the fight ended with Luna body covered in wounds. Nuke came towards Luna and placed his hands in her forehead. White star energy came from his body and traveled around Luna's body healing her wounds.

This is Nuke's new ability, by projecting his star energy, he can heal the other person but it will consume a lot of Nuke's star energy.

Furthermore, only when he touches and controls the star energy, he can heal the other person, if not the star energy is a purely destructive force; It will destroy another person's body.

"Your healing skill is really amazing..." Luna smilingly said and jumped around like a little girl fully refreshed from the fight.

"With my current strength, I can ensure my crew's safety even in Marineford." Nuke pondered. It's been two days since the fight with Kizaru and five days remain till the star of 'War of the Best'.

"Luna, are you ready?. We should hurry and come back within five days otherwise we will miss the war." Nuke asked and said.

"Yes, we can leave any time," Luna said.

Nuke and Luna are planning to travel to an area filled with storms in the sea. Yes, Luna wants to explore inside the Storm so that she can understand more about Strom and increase her devil fruit powers.

Since she ate the Storm-Strom fruit, the storm won't kill her but suffering heaving injuries are possible. So Luna wanted to advance her Haki to next level before she tries.

Finally today, Luna advanced her Haki.


Next day,

It was dark and cloudy. The sky was currently gray, but everyone on Nuke's crew saw far in the distance loomed an ominous black mass.

Even though they were far away from the storm, there were windstorms, gales, and blizzards could be seen near the place.

When Nuke and his crew traveled near, thunder crashed, and the dark Sky was briefly illuminated by a bolt of purple lightning.

This is Terrifying Strom...Which covered an entire region they could see.

Scratchmen Apoo gulped while Lyn and Reed watched the sky in horror.

"Captian, I see a Torn

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