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In a Certain Island of Grand Line,

In a spacious Room,

A large, muscular, tan-skinned man, around twice the height of a normal man was sitting in a chair. He has purple hair and a large mechanical right arm; He dressed in a Marine-like coat with his Jolly Roger impressed on it, baggy trousers tucked into his boots, and a pair of triangular sunglasses.

This Person is 'Black Arm' Zephyr and a former Admiral of Marines.

He is currently reading a letter he received. Even though he quit Marines, he is in need of their help to finish his plans. So he often helped Sengoku in defeating some problematic pirates unofficially since it's s win-win situation for both of them.

In younger Days, Zephyr strongly believed in justice but only after he reached a higher rank in marines, he came to know he is not helping justice.

His families were also murdered by Pirates, so he quit Marines and served as an instructor for some time. After some time, he decided to take everything in his own hands, so he created Neo Marines and decided to eradicate marines in his own hands.

Z then handed the paper to the nearby woman, who is quietly waiting at the side.

She was a beautiful, slender and curvaceous young woman, with reddish-brown eyes and dark blue hair framing her face; she wears a black and gold captain's coat.

She is Ain, a student of Z and one of his most trusted subordinates. She is like a second in command and Vice Admiral of Neo Marines.

"Origin Star' Pirates? Sensei, I haven't heard of them before... did marines want us to eradicate nameless pirates, now!" Ain asked.

"According to Sengoku, There are only three peoples in the crew, while two of them are as strong as Marine Vice Admirals and they don't about their full strength. Call Shuzo."

"You and Shuzo are going to complete this task and consider this mission as a test to gauge your strength", Z said.

After two minutes, a dark-skinned man entered the room. He is shuzo who Luna and Nuke met at Dawn island.

"Shuzo, a new mission came. Go with Ain and finish it as quickly as possible." Z said.

"Here, these are details of the crew." Z handed over some photos and notes.

"It's them." Shuzo cried as he immediately recognized both Nuke and Luna.

Z and Ain looked at Shuzo questioningly, Shuzo explained everything about the incident which happened between Nuke and him.

"Sensei, even though he is as strong as me, if I use my full strength then he is not my match." Shuzo confidently said.

"Ok, once they reach any of the Island in Grand Line, we will receive the notification. Be ready to confront them at any time." Z said.

"Yes, Sensei." Both of them saluted and left the room.


Nuke, Luna, and Lyn has finally come out of the fog-filled sea with violent currents. As soon as they left the twin cape, they were lost in this fog; Only today they escaped that damn place.

Nuke soon discovered an unknown island some distance away from the ship. Using the observation haki he found the island is inhabited only by small rabbit-like creatures.

The entire island is small and filled with many plants, trees, and fruits. Regretfully, the island has no civilizations or human inhabitants, otherwise, they could get some supplies.

Nuke and his crew can only settle in this Island till their log pose points new Island. Even though there are no foods here, fruits and waters in this Island are consumable.

Next day, their log pose pointed towards the new Island so they set off from this Island. After one hour the sea becomes abnormally quiet and a strange stillness took place in the sea.

Nuke and Luna were baffled by the sudden change and suddenly a large attraction came from nowhere and pulled their ship towards a certain direction.

Luna used her devil fruit powers to escape from the attraction but it was very strong she wasn't able to do anything.

They soon saw a weird black like lines in the middle of the

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