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w-x-e > Era of Pirates > 32 Beginning of the War

Sengoku was standing in the execution platform with two marine subordinates and Ace. Garph and Tsuru were standing along with soldiers.

At the highest point of the battlefield, three chairs could be spotted, this place reserved for the three admirals of the Navy, Akainu, Aokiji, and Kizaru.

Countless Marines could be seen on the battlefield along with the 'seven warlords' of the sea.

Soldiers were nervously waiting, standing on their positions.

From a certain direction, countless pirates ship could be spotted which are currently moving towards Maineford. Soon, the Moby Dick appeared from underwater in front of the execution platform.


Nuke and crew were sailing with the help of Luna but suddenly assaulted by the windstorm. Nuke knows it's due to the attack of Whitebeard, soon the tsunami is going to come.

Luna, Make the ship flying in the air, far from the ground if possible.


When Nuke and crew appeared to the battlefield. The war was already going on, countless peoples began to die on both sides.

Nuke also saw, Luffy receiving the key to Ace's handcuffs from Hancock while Ivankov fights against Kuma.

Mihawk steps up to block Luffy's path to the execution platform. Nuke didn't immediately join the war since he knows squard will stab Whitebeard so he wants to stop that.

The War began to progress and Luffy managed to get away from Mihawk by using Buggy as a human shield. Then, the Whitebeard pirates, fifth division leader Vista appears to fight Hawk-Eye.

The Moment Nuke waited came, Squard, one of Whitebeard's pirate allies who had been missing for some time, came and talks with Whitebeard.

"Luna, Be careful and I am leaving everyone in your care." Nuke spoke and disappeared from the spot.

Squard suddenly stabs at Whitebeard's chest with his sword. When the sword was just centimeters away from stabbing Whitebeard, it was caught by a Nuke who suddenly appeared near Whitebeard.

"What?" Squard was surprised that his attack is blocked. Everyone was shocked by the scene and began to wonder who the mysterious figure who suddenly appeared to stop the attack?

"Old Man, Looks like you become so old that you can't even bock a small attack or you don't want to block the attack because it was caused by your son?" Nuke calmly spoke with a smile.

"Stupid Brat, who are you?" Whitebeard asked.

"I want to claim your title as the Strongest man in the World so I can't let others heavily injure or kill you, right? Don't die, old man, I will come to challenge you once this war finishes." Nuke said and disappeared from the spot.

Squard's attempt in stabbing Whitebeard shocked the Whitebeard pirates and so does his statement which 'Whitebeard agreed to sacrifice his allies to save Ace'. Whitebeard scolds Squard for falling for the Marines' lies and forgives him.

"Yo Kizaru, How are you? it's been a few days ?" Nuke spoke which astonished many peoples in the battlefield.

"That brat? He is good" Whitebeard murmured.

"He really came, huh?" Sengoku frowned.

Nuke who appeared and stood in the center of the battlefield became everyone's center of attention. Golden Black robe and Nuke's hair was moving in the air, which gave everyone a handsome and fierce look.

"Who is he? He even casually spoke with Admiral Kizaru..." A Pirate asked.

"I know him! He is a Rookie pirate." Another pirate spoke.

"A Rookie came to Marineford"

"He is the guy who saved us from the Admiral and pacifistas. Why is he here?. Whatever, I will go and save Ace." Luffy spoke.

"You are really troublesome ne... Appearing here like it's your backyard." Kizaru Spoke.

"You are as lazy as always Kizaru, It looks to me, you are playing a fun game." Nuke said.

'Cave of Heaven Rock'

Kizaru shooted a beam of light from his foot, it was fast and powerful. The laser beam appeared before Nuke in an instant, it was very bright but Kizaru didn't use his

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