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w-x-e > Era of Pirates > 16 'Reed' The Wood Man
Nuke ventured deep into the unknown forest with Luna and Lyn. On their way, they haven't seen any animals or birds, only trees and plants.

This place is like a Woodland, other than woods and leaves there's nothing; Not even fruits, water.

When they reached the inner region of the forest, they heard a 'munch' 'munch' sound from distance.

Confused by the sudden sound from a quiet place, they looked around and found a large figure eating the trees.

Only when Nuke looked clearly, he found that figure is human and that too a humongous one.

He was an abnormally large human, with a height of 600 cm (approximately 20 feet). Unlike other large-sized humans, nuke saw in One piece, he was well-proportioned and has a perfect figure of a large human.

He had a square face and wore loose pants with black boots. His upper body is covered by a large cloth which floated around him.

Then the large human turned around to see Nuke trio. One could see a disbelieving expression in his eyes, then happy, sad...etc.

His eyes suddenly turned moist and walked towards Nuke's group or you can say he reached before Nuke with an amazing jump.

"Humans...It really is humans. Yahahaha, How many years has it been?" Only when the large human confirmed that his eyes are not lying, he laughed aloud.

"Oh no, you guys also entered this place...then you also won't be able to leave this place." The large human once again spoke.

"Hahaha, this place won't be able to hold us..." Nuke laughed.

"Why don't you join my crew, I will bring you out of this place..." Nuke told.

"Really? but I have my own dream so I can't join your crew." The Large human spoke.

Nuke smiled listening to the response...Open Minded, Innocent, Kind and carefree person. He has the qualities to join my crew.

"Why don't you tell me about yourself and your dream? if our dreams are on the same path, we can get along." Nuke asked.

"I am Reed and my dream is to travel the sea with my own ship." Reed blurted out.

"Haha, My name is Nuke Gray, captain of Origin Star pirates. My dream is to stand above everyone else in this world, while I improve myself and travel with my companions. This is Luna, my friend and Vice captain of Origin star pirates. This is Lyn who wants to become strong enough to destroy the World Nobles."

"Now you know our dreams and currently, we are lacking a ship, you know?. In the future, you can tell the world that your ship carries the World Strongest person and his crew." Nuke spoke and a King like spirit came out of his body and enveloped the whole dimension.

"Nuke... You?" Luna looked at Nuke speechlessly. 'You were just introducing our crew to this small giant, then how the hell suddenly you awakened your Conqueror's Haki?' Luna thought in her heart.

Luna, of course, knows about Conqueror's haki; Nuke told her about this power before. Only today, Luna personally witnessed it.

Nuke was also dumbstruck, he just told his dream aloud that's all. 'I too have it, huh'

'I better don't use it till I get a grasp of King's Haki.'

Reed pondered for some time, looked at Nuke with a firm look and spoke: "I once heard the captains of pirate crew are stronger than their companions and treat them well."

"I can see you treat your companions well, but I don't know about your strength. If you are stronger than me, I will accept you as my captain."

"Even though I am weaker in combat, I am a lot stronger than normal humans", Reed said and readied for combat.

Suddenly Luna appeared before Nuke, and spoke coldly: "Little Giant, If you want to face him, you should first defeat me and..."

"Luna!" Nuke interrupted her speech and spoke: "As a Captian, it's my responsibility to recruit the crewmate and accept their wish."

"This is my fight and as compensation, Next time when there is a fight, It's on you. Happy!" Nuke consoled Luna as he interrupted her second match.

Luna snorted and walked away.

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