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w-x-e > When The Clocks Tock- Tick > 1 Chapter 1: My name Is Alexia
Snowfalls had started early that year. As if it was a sign of something different. Something which was for the better or the worse. She sat on the couch in the living room playing with her doll gifted to her by a young woman sitting beside her. Looking at her with a smile. She had always considered the woman her best friend, but she was unaware of the truth. The truth the woman had sworn she will never speak.

The girl's mother-Olivia entered the living room. She sighed to herself knowing that her kitchen lacked some ingredients to make a cake. Her daughter had been asking it for a long time and said that if her mom disagrees, she will never tie her hair in pigtails ever again. And Olivia never wanted that to happen.

The bell rang which startled the three of them. Olivia rushed towards the door and looked out at the peephole. Two men were waiting outside and seemed rather impatient. Olivia was about to unlock the door when the young woman spoke up-" Do not open the door," she instructed," They are here." The little girl was confused as she pulled the young woman's sleeve," What are you talking about Kate?"

"No way," Olivia said interrupting her daughter, "we have to get out of here-"

"Mam, please open the door," the noise came from outside. Silence reigned in the room. The three of them had convinced themselves if they kept quiet the men will leave. Whoever they were.

"No use! We have to bring the door down!"

Everything spurred into action. Kate immediately caught hold of the little girl's hand. the doll was still in her hands, smiling cheekily. But the little girl sensed that something was wrong.

"We have to take her to the basement!" Olivia cried as the window's glass shattered and the door broke down. Men started entering from all the three directions. " Get the girl with the pigtails, go, go, go!"

The two women both held her tiny hands and the girl's doll dropped on the floor as a man stepped on its leg. The little girl wanted to free herself and go after her doll, but it was of no use. The three of them entered Olivia's bedroom and opened the cupboard. On one of the closets was a small unnoticeable button and Olivia pressed it. The wall of the cupboard opposite to them was actually a door and it opened.

The little girl went into the darkness as she went down the stairs she could not even see in the complete darkness. But she completely trusted her other senses as her eyes readjusted in the darkness.

Then all of a sudden, the three of them stopped as Kate pulled something in the darkness which seemed like a handle of a door. The men followed them down the staircase but they had already shut the door. Olivia turned on the lights revealing a hidden basement the little girl never knew about. Kate blocked the door by pushing a table and kept it beside the door.

The little girl had so many questions, but she was not able to speak. As if she was in a dream an wanted to come out of it. Loud, angry noises she had

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