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Chapter 35: Secret

A long time later, Su Min opened his eyes.

He removed the helmet and briefly glanced at the movie theatre. It was completely empty. He was the only one in the dark.

Su Min: “..........”

This feels a little like a horror movie. How could everyone be gone?

On the big screen, the ending clip appeared. The list of casts that appeared was the same as what he had found online, and Chen Su’s name naturally didn’t appear.

For a moment Su Mn was wondered what his ident.i.ty was.

At the end of a movie, they would usually include some behind the scene cuts. This movie was no exception. They included interesting behind the scenes after the credits rolled.

After the movie was finished, the lights in the theatre turned on.

The staff and cleaners came in from outside at the same time.

This time the staff is still Xiao He.

Thinking of his surname, Su Min felt a little shadow in his heart. Uncle He in this horror movie had left him with a huge psychological shadow.

Xiao He had no idea he was thinking this and came over with a big smile on his face: “Mr. Su, you have once again survived until the end.”

So amazing. It’s his first time seeing such a powerful audience.

Su Min pointed at his surroundings and asked: “I remember there were people when I came in. Why is it just me left?”

The staff received the helmet and said: “Sigh, they have already left in advance. They weren’t able to survive until the end.”

The outcome was absolutely terrible.

Of them, one was a couple who came to improve their relations.h.i.+p, but they argued while going out and even broke up before the left through the door.

Another managed to live for a half a day and the last one only lived for a few minutes before jumped into the sea himself.

Su Min who heard this was shocked.

The purpose of the holographic experience was to explore the contents of the movie on their own. Some small details would not necessarily be revealed to the audience until the very end.

For example, this time Su Min still isn’t very clear about how the skinning procedure worked.

Su Min left his seat and asked: “If you don’t mind me asking, what was the contents of their script?”

The staff answered: “Of course. The couple chose a couple watching experience so one is set as a victim destined to be drowned in the sea and the other would die in a pit. “

Su Min: “Seems similar to mine.”

Their characters were destined to be killed by those people. His character also should have died in the bathroom though he still didn’t know who that ghost in the bathroom was.

A cannon fodder in a horror movie is different to a cannon fodder in a romance movie.

In a movie like this, a death would be needed to progress the plot but since the protagonist cannot die, the first one to die would be the cannon fodder.

The role of a cannon fodder in a romance movie is more of a bystander watc

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