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Chapter 7: Corpse

Su Min’s eyes followed Lin Xiao Yan’s.

When they had entered the washroom, Zhang Yuan’s body was laying on sink. No one had touched it, yet it was now missing.

Damp patches of water scattered around the sink. The faucet was still slightly open; water droplets were trickling out and plopping into a small pool.

If it wasn’t for the wet mess before their eyes, there would’ve been no indication that Zhang Yuan was ever there.

“Did it run away?” Horror coated Lin Yiri’s voice.

“That’s unlikely...” Lin Xiao Yan whispered.

But, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t think of any other explanation. Liu Lili’s corpse shouldn’t have been able to move, but it did. It wasn’t a stretch to say that Zhang Yuan’s corpse really did got up and ran away.

“No, we should have heard it,” Su Min rejected the idea. “I didn’t hear two sets of footsteps. It’s not possible for it to have left by itself.”

Corpses were still solid matter. Unlike ghosts, their footsteps would produce noise.

“Then who knocked on the door just now?” Lin Xiao Yan asked, “Whose footsteps were those?”

Su Min thought of the discrepancy, and his mind raced to fill up the holes. “It’s impossible for Zhang Yuan to have been the one knocking.”

After the words left his mouth, Su Min was even more convinced.

The sound of those footsteps started from a distance and then got closer. At that time, Zhang Yuan’s body was still at the sink, so it couldn’t have been her.

Lin Yiri scratched his head. “What if the person knocking was Liu Lili?”

Both had met a mishap while playing Kuai Xian, and both had died in this school.

Something flashed in Su Min’s eyes. “It’s possible.”

Because of the darkness, they were unable to see the clothes or features of the figure that stood by the door.

“Now that I think about it,” Lin Xiao Yan said, “the silhouette did look a bit like Liu Lili’s. We were roommates for several years, I’d recognize her back.”

She hadn’t made the connection a moment ago, but when Lin Yiri mentioned it, she could see the similarity.

“Wasn’t Liu Lili taken away by the police?” Lin Yiri asked.

Su Min was aware that this was a horror movie, and in horror movies, walking corpses weren’t all that surprising. Maybe Liu Lili’s corpse didn’t want to enter the morgue and ran back here. Whatever the case, it was a setting decided by the director. Common sense couldn’t be used during situations like these.

“If it was her, why did she knock on the door?” Lin Xiao Yan asked.

If you’re dead, you’re dead. Why do you still need to knock on the door? It nearly made them faint from fright.

Su Min’s eye twitched. “I don’t know, but the most important thing to do now is find Zhang Yuan’s body.”

The missing corpse was like a ticking time bomb.

Out of nowhere, Lin Xiao Yan exclaimed, “Su Min, your wink just now was really handsome.”

Su Min: “...”

Lin Yiri said as

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