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Chapter 86: Missing

Before he went to prison, Su Min felt that things like dancing over a grave and hea.r.s.e drifting were just phrases you used to curse someone.

After going to prison, Su Min had changed his mind.

Although he didn’t know how many people there were in this prison, everyone in this room, except for him and Yin Ze, were dancing.

There was even some ballroom dancing. They looked like they here having a lot of fun.

Su Min watched on for a while and saw that none of them were good dancers. He turned around and asked, “You’re not dancing?”

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Yin Ze responded expressionlessly, “Not going. Like an idiot.”

Su Min felt that this roommate of his, the male protagonist of this movie, was really calm and very unlike the usual male protagonists. With his personality, he didn’t seem like someone who would actively go out and investigate the secrets here. He didn’t know what it was that made him change his mind later in the movie.

However, tomorrow Fang Shuyu would come in. When the two are together, they would probably clash.

The most important thing was that those two were enemies

Su Min rarely saw such character relations.h.i.+p in a horror movie. This time, “Unknown Prison” had two male protagonists. Would they both survive or would only one of them live? It was still a question.

It would probably get quite exciting later.

Someone came over and asked: “You two aren’t going to dance?”

Su Min answered: “I don’t feel well. Not dancing.”

He didn’t want to dance on top of a grave like them.

However, at this moment a few men along with Brother Hao sauntered over: “488 right?”

Su Min glanced at Brother Hao. It was not easy staying alive.

Brother Hao narrowed his eyes. He dragged a chair over and sat opposite Su Min. He asked cheerfully: “Isn’t it good being with me?”

Someone next to him added: “There’s meat to eat.”

Another echoed: “There’s cigarettes to smoke!”

And the person behind him said: “There’s alcohol to drink!”

Su Min: “..........”

Brother Hao could still be considered normal but why are his younger brothers such idiots? It was as if they were still going through their second year of middle school syndrome.

Yin Ze desperately tried to hold back his laughter.

Su Min took a deep breath and revealed a smile: “Sorry, I don’t smoke or drink.”

Brother Hao spread open his legs, “Then eat meat!”

As soon as he said that, the leg of his chair broke. He fell back with his face facing the ceiling. His younger brothers next to him couldn’t react for a while.

After supporting him up, Brother Hao was furious. He eyed the chair and was about to smash it. Just as he was about to do it, another leg of the chair broke off, hitting him in the head.

Yin Ze: “..........”

Su Min: “...........”

He was too unlucky. The other chairs were all fine and only Brother Hao’s chair ha

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