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Chapter 28: Skinning

In fact, Su Min could faintly guess what that man was eating. It was most likely a dead body.

Although he didn’t know where they came from, this island seemed to have no shortage of dead bodies.

Chen Xingzhou said: “Would we dig up a body?”

Su Min answered honestly: “It’s very likely.”

While he dug up the soil, Chen Xingzhou speculated: “I think the people on this island are a little strange. Do they kill outsiders that come here and then eat them?”

Or if they don’t like to eat it, they would feed it to the fish.

This thought process seemed plausible, but also felt a little too simple.

Su Min mentioned something he thought of earlier, “That story about the well that Uncle He spoke about isn’t necessarily true. The bride should be staying in the place we’re staying at and shouldn’t have drowned herself in Uncle He’s well.”

Unless Uncle He and the bride had something going on between them.

Chen Xingzhou was stunned for a moment. He suddenly spoke with shock: “Then could the real bride be inside the walls?!”

Su Min nodded slightly, “It’s possible.”

He had never thought of that. If the person Uncle He mentioned really existed and what he said really happened, the person in the wall was probably the bride.

The reason why Uncle He’s well was sealed was still open to questioning.

If those words were only half truthful, you couldn’t tell what was true and what was false. They could only rely on guessing.

Chen Xingzhou whispered: “We should go back first to talk about it. I feel unsafe talking about it here.”

If they were overhead, they would probably be killed.

Originally, the two thought that it would be buried very deeply but in less than two minutes, the thing hidden below was revealed.

With the sea nearby, although the reflection of the moonlight wasn’t very bright, they could still see it vaguely.

Some sort of skin was buried in the soil whilst mixed with blood. There were also limbs of some unknown animals that appeared from the soil.

With them exposed like this, a b.l.o.o.d.y odour emanated out.

Chen Xingzhou almost vomited, “What is this thing?”

He was originally preparing himself for a dead body only to end up digging up something unknown that was particularly disgusting looking.

Su Min pinched his nose, squatted down and poked at it with a branch, “It looks like a frog or something.”

He had seen pictures of frogs and bullfrogs online and it looked just like this. The only difference was that this one was chewed on.

Chen Xingzhou covered his nose and squatted down, “Eating frogs raw?”

He felt that something wasn’t right. Also, for them to eat it raw, that was just too amazing. And too disgusting.

Su Min shook his head and said: “No, it should be a toad.”

He picked up the skin and dangled it in the air. Borrowing the light from the moon, he could see that the colour matched with the colo

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