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Chapter 93: Shower

To be honest, Su Min found the skeleton hands rather cute.

If the others knew about it, they would probably be pleased to death but they couldn’t see it and could only glare at him with jealousy.

The weeding task went on for two hours.

This time Su Min didn’t do too much but his job was still completed better than the others. Once again, he was looked on enviously.

There wasn’t anyone missing when they counted the heads and Fang Shu Juan’s roommate was still safe and sound.

Su Min didn’t seem to see anything dangerous.

After returning back, they lined up for lunch. Fang Shu Juan stood beside them and said: “I thought something would happen by now, but I guess I was wrong.”

Last time it happened while they were working.

Su Min said: “Hair was found in the room so maybe it’ll happen in the room, not outside.”

The situation this time was similar to the scissor incident and no specific location was given.

“That makes sense.” Fang Shu Juan rubbed his chin, “Then I should pay more attention to his behaviour in the room later today.”

Fortunately, the room was small so he could easily keep his eye on his roommate.

Yin Ze asked: “Does the appearance of hair mean that he’s going to die from hair?”

Fang Shu Juan glanced at him, “It probably is the case.”

They could only make guesses at this point and they didn’t know what the hair meant.

There was more food at the cafeteria today.

Su Min was in a good mood, so he cleared his plate rather quickly. Yin Ze on the other hand, contrary to his usually good appet.i.te, only finished half.

Yin Ze lowered his hand.

Fang Shu Juan asked: “Feeling sick?”

Yin Ze said: “None of your f.u.c.king business.”

Fang Shu Juan said: “Yes, it’s none of my business. It doesn’t matter even if you starve to death.”

“You’re the one who’s going to starve to death.” Yin Ze snorted. He used his chopstick to poke around his rice a little and he quickly took a few more bites.

Su Min who was originally going to persuade him to eat a little more kept silent.

Seeing how Yin Ze was acting, he looked like he could eat a bit more.

They returned to their room at noon for an afternoon nap. Fang Shu Juan rea.s.sured them that he would keep watch over his roommate.

Afterall, it was something that was going to happen close to them and it would be a chance for them to witness what was happening. If it was to happen in another room, it would be difficult for them to even notice.

Let’s take the current situation as an example. If that hair appeared on another person, they definitely wouldn’t have noticed it.

They would probably only find out after everything had already happened and wouldn’t know about the existence of the hair even until the very end.

Afterwards, they weren’t given another job and was instead taken to the same room where they watched the news broadcast the other day to watc

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