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Chapter 31: Kiss You

Jiang Yunhuo saw someone strange. So strange that he felt scared.

Chen Xingzhou asked: “What do you mean by strange?”

Jiang Yunhuo was still in a fearful state: “When I was searching through that room, I saw a person run past and he was making strange shouts. I was curious so I followed him.........”

He was also very careful and maintained a distance away from him.

Jiang Yunhuo didn’t know that person. Seeing him run past while yelling, he felt that something wasn’t right.

He didn’t go too far because the man didn’t run very far. At a flat plain, he started to roll around on the ground. He looked particularly miserable.

Jiang Yunhou pointed to his body, “He was scratching himself. He seems to be very itchy but that reaction of his was too extreme.”

It was his first time seeing someone scratch themselves like that. Like he was crazy, he shouted while he scratched.

Chen Xingzhou said: “It might be a skin disease.”

Su Min however instinctively felt that something wasn’t right. He stood up and said: “Let’s go and see.”

Jiang Yunhuo jumped up: “Okay, I’ll take you there. Maybe that person hasn’t gone far yet and we can still make it.”

They all went over with him.

They were at a place halfway up the mountain. If they went down, it was a slope and then there was various fields planted with unknown vegetation.

A long and small trail could be seen going through them

At this moment, there was a person rolling around in the field next to that small trail. From where they stood, they could hear his cries. He seemed to be in a lot of pain.

He had his back facing Su Min and the others so they couldn’t see his expression.

Jiang Yunhuo whispered: “I didn’t expect so many people to come while I was gone. I wonder what’s going on?”

Uncle He and several men stood around him.

Seeing them like that, Su Min felt that things weren’t so simple. He quickly said: “Find a place to hide.”

If they were discovered like this, they wouldn’t have a good outcome.

Fortunately, despite this island not having many things, it had many trees, gra.s.s and rocks. There were also standing at the top, so they had a geographical advantage. As long as Uncle He doesn’t look up and doesn’t look too carefully, he wouldn’t see them.

Zhao Mingya said: “He looks like one of those madmen on TV.”

Rolling around the ground, he screamed nonstop.

Chen Yixin said: “I think he seems to be suffering from some sort of illness. He is probably feeling extreme pain throughout the body and he scratched away at it too much.”

She had seen something like this before. Every time it happened, several doctors and nurses would be needed to control it. They could only wait until the episode is over.

Jiang Yunhuo said: “He was like this when I saw him.”

Chen Xingzhou watched him for a while and suddenly remembered: “Su Min, is this the man we saw last night?”

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