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Chapter 47: Blowing Bubbles

Chen Su said this slowly but provocatively.

Su Min also finally realised that this position was inappropriate. Coupled with what had just happened, he quickly suppressed those mischevious hands.

Chen Su didn’t resist at all.

Su Min didn’t think there was anything wrong with that. He moved off from his body and moved away from him: “Lets have a good talk.”

Su Min returned: “Have a good talk.”

Although Su Min felt that it was a little perfunctory, it was better than nothing. That earlier act of tickling also startled him.

He asked tentatively: “Do you know what happened on the top floor today?”

He felt that something was strange about the body of the bald man in the fish tank and he still had not yet confirmed the ident.i.ty of the headless ghost.

Su Min even felt that a head would suddenly appear somewhere in this hotel.

Chen Su moved closer to him: “I know.”

Su Min ignored his actions and suddenly remembered another thing: “Why did the corpse blow bubbles at me?”

He found it very strange.

It could be considered just a coincidence the first time, but it was strange when he blew bubbles again after they finished speaking.

For a long time, the room was silent.

Su Min was about to suspect that Chen Su had already left when he heard his voice: “I don’t know.”

Su Min was surprised. Turns out, there are things that Chen Su doesn’t know about.

He had initially suspected that Chen Su is someone from the cinema and that the reason why he knows about the movie plots was because he could watch them in advance.

But it didn’t seem to be the case.

While Su Min was deep in thought, his face was turned over. Chen Su asked: “Did it look good when he blew bubbles? Why are you still thinking about it?”

Su Min was originally going to deny it but for some reason he changed his words: “Of course it looks good. A corpse that can blow a chain of bubbles is really cute. You can’t even do something like that.”

Humans blowing bubbles was already strange enough. It’s even more strange for a ghost to blow bubbles.

Chen Su coldly snorted and removed his hand.

Su Min thought he was hurt by his words but what he didn’t expect was that he would see a bubble appear in front of him.

Before he was able to see it clearly, the bubble burst.

The temperature around Chen Su’s body dropped. Su Min could acutely sense this change. He asked: “How did you blow the bubbles?”

Are ghosts these days all so versatile?

Chen Su didn’t answer. He just blew a few more bubbles. This time there were even colourful ones.

Su Min subconsciously thought about Mary Sue bubbles.

He blinked and saw that the area around Chen Su was now filled with bubbles. He couldn’t help but raise the corners of his lips, “Stop blowing.”

Chen Su asked: “Does it look good?”

Su Min said: “It’s good. It’s good.”

Chen Su then asked: “The best?”

Su Min didn’t expect him to be so narrowminded. He said helplessly: “You look the best. The bubbles you blow also look the best.”

He didn’t know if he was a mermaid in his last life. A corpse could blow bubbles in water but this one here could blow bubbles in thin air.

Chen Su turned over and pressed him down. He said with a hoa.r.s.e voice: “Your words sound enticing.”

Su Min stared at him vigilantly. He could still remember the events from before vividly, “Keep your hands to yourself. Get off.”

Chen Su asked: “I can’t?”

Su Min’s ears turned slightly red: “You can’t.”

Chen Su stared at his face for a few seconds before finally lying on one side. He said: “I thought you liked that position.”

Su Min was almost about to laugh out of anger from his shameless words.

Before he could do that, there was a knock coming from outside.

Su Min’s attention was instantly s.h.i.+fted. He turned to look at Chen Su, “Someone’s here. You should hurry a

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