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Chapter 50: Hat

Li Chi Yu’s answer made Su Min curious. He asked, “Why would you think that he’s a magician?”

A magician wouldn’t usually dress up as a clown, right?

Li Chi Yu answered: “I’ve seen magic begore. Magicians would always wear clothes like this, but they wouldn’t have that kind of makeup on their face.”

That clown makeup looked very scary.

Jiang Taozhi interjected: “How do you know that it’s makeup? I can’t tell that it is. I’ve been using makeup all these years and it doesn’t look like it. I suspect that’s his original face.”

She looked at Le Ling: “Right?”

It was unusual for Le Ling to hesitate for a moment, “Yeah.”

Su Min felt that Jiang Taozhi’s words sounded even more horrible, but it was undeniable that it does indeed fit the plot of a horror movie.

The water tank was pulled out and placed in the centre of the stage.

The clown politely bowed to the audience. Apart from his face, he didn’t look scary at all.

The calmer it was, the more dangerous it would be.

Su Min didn’t know what the clown wanted to do but he could vaguely tell that someone would die or someone had already died.

The person performing may even be a ghost.

The entire stage was dark, but you can you could see the things on it clearly. This included the clown’s movements and expressions.

Su Min examined the area around him.

This place looked like it was enclosed. The roof was visible above and the surroundings were dark. Only the seats in this area could be clearly made out.

He was sitting in the first row and was very close to the stage.

If he just took one step forward, he would be right next to the stage.

If you were an impulsive audience, you could easily rush on stage to see what was up there.

A woman in the back patted her chest and said: “After all that, we’re really just here to watch a show. Scared me to death.”

She thought she would be killed in the middle of nowhere.

Su Min internally thought that she would probably really be scared to death later.

Li Chi Yu recognised this pattern and whispered: “I’ve seen magic before. I’ve seen this. It’s called Escaping the Water Tank.”

Escaping the Water Tank was a very common magic. Just from its name, you can tell what the magic was about. The key point was escape.

A lot of magic tricks involve the use of various tricks. It would depend on the magician whether or not they wanted to reveal the tricks. Otherwise, you would need to figure it out yourself.

This also applied to Escaping the Water Tank.

But Li Chi Yu didn’t pay any attention to this, so he didn’t know the secret trick behind the escape.

Su Min had never paid attention to magic and had to rely on Li Chi Yu to understand what was being performed.

Su Min furrowed his brows: “Then is the person escaping a human or a ghost?”

Those words of his alarmed several people.

It was impossible for the magician to enter and perform himself. Generally speaking, a.s.sistants or live audiences would be invited to perform. A trick like Escaping the Water Tank usually involved the partic.i.p.ation of an a.s.sistant or team member.

Jiang Taozhi subconsciously commented: “It can’t be a ghost right......?”

The strange things that they had encountered at the hotel and on their way here seemed to be connected. They now well and truly believed that ghosts exist in this world.

Now that they’re at a strange performance venue with the strange staff, it wasn’t unusual for them to suspect this.

Su Min whispered: “If the magician is a ghost, then the performer might be human.”

It seemed to be rather impossible for two spooky ghosts to perform for them. It would be much more stimulating for a human to be involved instead.

In the early hours of this morning, he had received a hint with the word “Show”. At that time he was still doubtful but now he was certain.

Li Chi Yu spoke wit

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