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Chapter 148: Hypnotism

Did he blame her?

Su Min didn’t know. It was something that had happened a long time ago and right now all he wanted to know was whether he would be able to remember it again.

Seeing that he wasn’t answering, mother Su took it as silent affirmation.

She immediately wanted to cry.

Su Min was shocked when he saw her like this, “Mum, why are you crying?”

“I’m not crying.” Mother Su insisted: “That’s right, I was the one who made you forget. I was also the one who took you away.”

It was indeed her doing.

Because when Su Min was a child, the two of them would work outside and often didn’t have the time to take care of him. Su Min was consequently sent over to his grandmother’s place.

After a few years pa.s.sed; when their work situation stabilised and they became more and more wealthy, they wanted to take Su Min to the city. Afterall, the resources and education there would be much better.

But after staying at his grandmother’s place for a few days, they noticed that something wasn’t right.

At that time, mother Su saw Su Min talking to thin air and thought that all children were like that. It wasn’t something she hadn’t seen on TV.

She had also asked about it but she didn’t take it seriously.

It was only at night when she went to Su Min’s room that she felt that there was indeed another person there that she couldn’t see.

What else could it be if she couldn’t see it?

Mother Su had been brought up and raised to believe in science. Even if there are ghosts, it wasn’t a problem as long as it had nothing to do with her family.

But this had happened to her son.

Most of mother Su’s understanding of ghosts was that it absorbed human’s yin energy. Su Min was still young at that time so she couldn’t imagine ghosts absorbing his yin energy.

What’s more, what if that ghost wanted to take over Su Min’s body?

Mother Su couldn’t accept the existence of something so dangerous. This was particularly the case when she saw Su Min engrossed with playing with her ghost friend.

She searched onlinr and finally managed to find a shaman.

The shaman said at that time that the other party was a living ghost. It was a ghost yet also not a ghost, so she dropped something off at their place.

She then went back to the city.

After returning a few weeks later, mother Su was stunned.

She could now vaguely make out the ghost. It was lying together with Su Min in bed, hugging her son.

Mother Su was frightened.

She rubbed her eyes and pretended that she didn’t cry, “With you sleeping together with a ghost, what did you want me to do?”

Su Min who heard this subconsciously thought—–

Chen Su’s perverseness had started at such a young age. Even then, he didn’t forget to hug him to sleep.

Mother Su saw his reaction and thought it was from shock.

She quickly raised an example to support herself: “Just that alone would have been okay, but you even shared your food with him. You lost a lot a weight back then.”

In fact, he didn’t lose that much. She had said that deliberately.

Hearing this, Su Min opened his mouth but didn’t say anything. He just found it strange but he held himself back.

“He’s just a ghost. Do you think it’s okay for you to be with him all year round?” Mother Su suddenly pulled out a photo on her phone.

Su Min thought it would be a terrifying picture.

“Look. This was what I took at that time. Your dark circles are shocking.” Said mother Su. “Do you see how scary you look?”

Su Min looked over.

The child in there was indeed him. He was looking at something in the distance with a smile on his face and there were indeed dark circles under his eyes.

Su Min internally thought: No wonder mother Su didn’t feel comfortable.

He looked like he was getting his life energy sucked out. He should go and ask Chen Su about this later.

Mother Su saw his as

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