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Chapter 156: Short Movie 3

Su Xiaoya squatted outside for a long time. As she filled the stomachs of numerous mosquitoes, she never managed to figure out that person’s ident.i.ty. She gritted her teeth in frustration.

If she knew who it was that stole Su Min, she won’t let them get away unharmed.

Su Xiaoya was afraid of something happening inside. She quickly smacked away a mosquito and rushed over to press the doorbell.

It took about half a minute until the door opened slightly.

Su Min asked: “Who is it?”

Su Xiaoya said: “It’s me, Xiao Ya.”

She deliberately squeezed her throat to make it sound like she was about to cry. Through the corner of her eyes, she tried to look into the room.

But her view was blocked by Su Min. She couldn’t see anything at all.

Su Xiaoya felt a little discouraged. She looked up at Su Min again only to see a red kiss mark on his neck. She felt even more uneasy.

They’ve already gone this far?

Su Min watched her eyes linger on his body and subconsciously glanced down. Sure enough, there was a red mark on his collarbone.

He almost let out a sneer.

Chen Su was pressing him down earlier. He knew Chen Su was rather greedy but he didn’t expect him to do something like this and leave behind a mark.

Su Min pursed his lips, “If it’s nothing, I’m closing the door.”

Su Xiaoya said hastily: “I still hav—–”

The door closed with a slam.

Su Xiaoya almost ran into the gla.s.s door. She quickly stopped herself and stepped back. She almost cursed out loud.

Who’s gentle? That was all fake.


When Su Min returned to the room, he saw Chen Su lying on the bed watching him. He sneered, “When are you leaving?”

Chen Su said: “Not leaving.”

He wasn’t leaving. It wasn’t easy getting this opportunity and it would be a waste if he didn’t take advantage of it. That wasn’t in his character to do something like that.

Chen Su actually quite liked this gla.s.s room but unfortunately, he had to take things slowly with Su Min. He decided that he would build a gla.s.s room at home in the future and that he wouldn’t need air conditioning.

Su Min had no idea he was thinking this far into the future and was only thinking about the recent events. Seeing that he wasn’t moving, he went to the bathroom and checked himself out in the mirror again.

The mark wasn’t very obvious, but it could be seen from a short distance. That was why Su Xiaoya saw it despite it being so dark outside.

Su Min took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

He won’t waste his time bickering with a ghost.

Su Min pursed his lips. He walked straight over to the other side of the bed and laid down. With his back facing Chen Su, he resolutely decided to ignore him.

Chen Su waited for a long time before realising that he was truly angry.

He stuck closer to him: “Alright, I won’t do it next time.”

Su Min said: “There’s still a next a time?”

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